Fifth Annual North Coast Farmers Convergence
February 28, 2017 at Ridgewood Ranch, Willits
We will be cooking a farm to table lunch featuring fresh produce from around Mendocino and Lake Counties.  Hungry? Here’s the menu:
Chicken Curry | Rocky Jr. Chicken with Seely Farm, Black Dog Farm and Strong Roots Farm Winter Squash & Cinnamon Bear Farm Bok Choy
Pumpkin Dal | Mendocino Grain Project Lentils and School of Adaptive Agriculture Sugar Pie Pumpkins
Community Kale Salad | Since we all need to use up our kale, with Hakurei Turnips & Covelo Organics Carrots, tossed with Tahini Dressing

The Good Farm Fund’s Third Annual Farm to Table Benefit
June 13, 2017 at Yokayo Ranch, Ukiah
Join us at Yokayo Ranch for Mendocino County’s best showcase of local food. Last year’s event included ingredients from 35+ farms and featured small bite appetizers from 20+ of the best local chefs. We’ll be there again this year!

4 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi. I ‘m a shea butter vendor at a local farmers market in Sacramento. Funny that you had a blog discussing what to do with lbs of ripe tomatoes. Today, after the market ended a farmer approached me, first name basis lol, who offered me an entire box of tomatoes! I didn’t know what to do with them! It was just as you explained. The farmer had to many ripe tomatoes. I decided to say yes and deal with the consequences later. I looked up how to preserve 25lbs of tomatoes and wala, your blog! Thanks for your funny and intelligent blog. You have just the answers.

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